Brewery Visit: Burlington Beer Comany

View of Burlington Beer Company brewery.Burlington Beer Company is one of the newest breweries to enter the Vermont brew-scape. Founded, owned, and run by Joe Lemnah, Burlington Beer Company is going to focus on seasonal, farmer’s market inspired beers. We got a chance to head over to their new space over in Williston and tried some of the beers they had on tap. Here are the ones we got to try.

Burlington Beer Company flagship beer board.Summerfield – This beer is a golden ale made with mix of barley, wheat, rye, and oats. Listed as a ‘multigrain ale’ this beer was easy drinking with just a note of hops. Its lighter color does not mean a lighter flavor. The malts really shine in this beer.

Hefeweizen – This is a seasonal winter beer that is light, refreshing, and has just a hint of banana flavors. Made with a mix of winter malts and lighter malts and German yeast, this beer goes down easy and would be great any time of year.

Mason Jar Mild – This brown ale is brewed with a variety of malts that give it a nice malty, sort of roasted taste that is a perfect example of this not-so-popular style. It was really nice to be able to drink a perfectly executed brown ale that had all the notes of malt with just a touch of earthy hops.

C’et Bon! – As the name suggests, it’s good! This saison is brewed with barley, wheat, rye, and flaked maize. It shows up light and then the flavors all sort of hit you and it is a medley of light malts and aromatic hops.

Porter with Sour Cherries – This porter is very cherry forward. Joe went to Shelburne to get the cherries for this brew. The cherry flavor definitely comes through and the beer finishes somewhere between sour and malty.

Vermont Pale Ale – The Vermont Pale Ale is a pale ale brewed with Vermont grown hops from Jericho. There is a mix of different hops that all work together to make this pale ale earthy, aromatic, and only slightly bitter.

The tasting room at Burlington Beer Company is located IN the brewery. Currently they are still working on setting everything up to be able to ramp up production but with lots of space they have the room to grow. The most disappointing part of the visit was leaving without a growler or two filled with Joe’s delicious beer. Luckily, he hopes to start filling and selling growlers in April. Until then, you’ll have to go in a taste the beer. If you like what you’re tasting, you can always sign up for the Growler of the Month Club or the Barrel Reserve Society. These two Community Supporter Brewery (CSB) programs operate very similarly to a CSA (Community Sourced Agriculture) share. You pay upfront for your beer in the future. To learn more about the two programs, visit Burlington Beer Company’s website at

Burlington Beer Co.
25 Omega Dr. Suite 150
Williston, VT


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