Taste Test: Hermit Thrush Brewing at the Growler Garage

Hermit Thrush Brewing is focusing on Belgian inspired ales and tend to lean towards sour styles. Because of this, we’ve been wanting to try out their beers for a while now. We missed out on their tap takeover at the Farmhouse last month but got another chance the other day. The Growler Garage on Dorset... Continue Reading →

Taste Test: Magic Hat (New Seasonal, New Can, and New Locations)

One day last week, a mysterious box arrived on our doorstep. (Okay, it didn’t just magically appear. Magic Hat sent us a Twitter message and asked for our address. But whatever.) What was inside this multicolored marvel? (Do you even know what this blog is about?) It was beer! Really fancily packaged beer! We decided... Continue Reading →

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