Brewery Visit: Infinity Brewing Company

Infinity Brewing

It’s hard to keep track of all of the new Burlington area breweries, but one of the newcomers opened their doors to a packed house on February 28th.

About time, too. Murray Seaman had been a homebrewer for 25 years before he started seriously considering the idea of opening his own brewery with friend and partner Glenn Cummings. But less than a year after putting their idea into action, the two have opened their craft brewery in South Burlington, and they plan to use local Vermont ingredients as much as possible.

The doorway to the brewery is wide open and visitors are welcome to go back and chat if one of the brewers is around. The day we visited, Glenn welcomed us into the brewing area just as their Scotch ale was starting to begin the fermentation process.

Glenn’s business, Cummings Electric, shares the building with Infinity, and since Glenn owns the building he was able to complete work for most of the brewing area and tasting room himself. He made the walk-in cooler from some steel that was salvaged from a demolished building, and the bar in the tasting room is made of reclaimed barn wood.

There were three brews available to try when we stopped in, and all three were available to take home in growlers or bottles.

Infinity Brewing Company

Golden Ale: Saison-style ale, and the first beer in their lineup to be completed. With a 7.5% ABV, it’s being labeled a “special” version of their usual Golden Ale. The next batch will have a lower alcohol content.

Red IPA: Floral IPA with a red ale base.

Rick’s Red Ale: Malty and sweet, also with an above average ABV for this style at 7.2%.

At the bar, Murray’s wife Kathy said that starting a brewery was definitely an item on her husband’s and her bucket list. The whole Infinity crew seems stoked to complete their tasting space and start holding pint nights, turning the brewery into a place where people can hang out and enjoy some new Vermont brews.

Infinity Brewing Company
80 Ethan Allen Drive
South Burlington, VT

Free Tastings


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