Vermont on Tap started when we realized that, despite living in a state with the highest concentration of breweries per capita, we had barely scratched the surface of craft beer in Vermont. So we made it our mission to visit every brewery in the state. Join us on our quest!

Liz Crawford

Liz Crawford

I never thought I would be a beer drinker.  I’ve always been happy with girly pink drinks and classic cocktails, but beer was never my beverage of choice–until I studied in Dublin, Ireland for a semester. Not to drink beer there would have been a sin, and fresh-from-the-source pints at local pubs is one of the things I miss most. It took traveling abroad for me to realize that I needed to appreciate breweries in my own backyard. Well, not literally in my own backyard. But that would be awesome.

Ian Davis
Ian Davis
As an avid beer drinker, I am definitely happy that my home state of Vermont is one of the best places in the country to drink craft beer. There is a plethora of breweries in Vermont ranging from large scale to small, slightly-larger-than-homebrew and I want to see, and taste them all. I wouldn’t be able to pick any one style of beer as my favorite which is great because of the wide variety of styles produced by Vermont craft breweries. Last year I started homebrewing with a friend and being able to take inspiration from the wide variety of craft brewers in Vermont is awesome.

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