New Offerings from Otter Creek and Long Trail

Long Trail Mostly Cloudy description
Otter Creek Fresh Slice description

Long Trail and Otter Creek announced two new additions to their beer lineups today, and both promise to be refreshing styles that will help beer drinkers across Vermont welcome the warming weather.

The first is Long Trail’s new Mostly Cloudy, a Belgian Witbeer that is replacing the company’s long-running summer seasonal, Belgian White. Brewed with 2-row, flaked oats, and wheat malts, this new brew is going to be a lightly colored, crisp-finishing ale that will have notes of spice and citrus. Hopped with only Nugget hops, it will be aromatic and only slightly bitter. Mostly Cloudy should be a nice, easy drinking beer that will be light in color but not in taste.

The next beer is Otter Creek’s new Fresh Slice. Fresh Slice is the next brew to be in the Brewmaster Mike Series that Otter Creek has been releasing. Joining such beers as Kind Ryed and Citra Mantra, this white IPA is going to be full of citrus flavor. With clementine juice, coriander, and a medley of Apollo, Cascade, and Citra hops, this light, crisp ale is going to be very citrus forward and aromatic.

Mostly Cloudy is expected to hit shelves later this March and Fresh Slice is going to be available in early April.


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