Passport Stop #4: Long Trail

Anyone who lives in Vermont has had a Long Trail--they produce the number one selling craft beer in the state. We decided to head to their Visitors Center in Bridgewater Corners to check out what one of the most popular breweries in the state had to offer. We walked into the slightly overwhelming building and... Continue Reading →

Passport Stop #3: 14th Star

14th Star Brewing Co. is homebrewing run amok in the best possible way. The unassuming little brewery is attached to a quad shop--we actually passed it once and had to turn around before we noticed the logo on the door. It’s the newest, smallest, and most intimate brewery we’ve been to so far, still in the process... Continue Reading →

Passport Stop #1: Magic Hat

I’m not sure how I made it through four years of college in Burlington without visiting the famous Artifactory, but Sunday was my first time stepping through the doors of this wild and wacky world of unique brews. Ian and I arrived just as a guided tour was starting up,  so we picked up our... Continue Reading →

The Adventure Begins!

I never thought I would be a beer drinker.  I’ve always been happy with girly pink drinks and classic cocktails, but beer was never my beverage of choice--until I studied in Dublin, Ireland for a semester. Not to drink beer there would have been a sin, and thinking back to the fresh-from-the-source pints enjoyed at... Continue Reading →

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