Seasonal Beer: What does it mean?

In Vermont, you get used to the changing of the seasons. Some people say that we even have a fifth season up here: mud season. Along with the changing weather, we have hunting seasons, fishing seasons, and, perhaps best of all, beer seasons. In spring we get hoppy, medium-bodied ales that give us hope that... Continue Reading →

Taste Test: Hermit Thrush Brewing at the Growler Garage

Hermit Thrush Brewing is focusing on Belgian inspired ales and tend to lean towards sour styles. Because of this, we’ve been wanting to try out their beers for a while now. We missed out on their tap takeover at the Farmhouse last month but got another chance the other day. The Growler Garage on Dorset... Continue Reading →

Small BREW Act and Fair BEER Act Examined

There are two proposed bills through Congress right now and they are big news for the craft beer industry. Both bills bring revisions to the federal excise tax on beer produced by craft breweries. Under the current law, breweries that produce less than 2 million barrels (63 million gallons), must pay $7/barrel for the first... Continue Reading →

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