Vermont Brewers Festival Merch Through the Years

The Vermont Brewers Festival announced this year’s T-shirt design recently, and with the fest quickly approaching, we thought it was a great time to look back at some of the merchandise from previous festival years.

In the grand scheme of the festival, which is on its 23rd year, we’re relative newbies—we’ve only collectively attended in 4 different years. So we want to see YOUR Vermont Brewers Festival merchandise from years past. Have you been going since the very beginning? Who among you has the oldest merch?

Tweet us your pictures or post them on our Facebook page. Be sure to mention which year your stuff is from!

One random poster will receive a free gift!

Here We Are:

Ian sporting 2011’s gear

vermont brewers festival shirt

My 2012 shirt. This was the 20th anniversary event!

vermont brewers festival shirt

My 2013 shirt. Cool color!


2014…I’m a little dubious about the placement of the graphic, the tone-on-tone colors, and the fact that you need a magnifying glass to read the list of breweries on the back.


Okay, show us yours! Tweet @VermontonTap or post on


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