Passport Stop #9: Rock Art

2013-04-13 13.42.42Rock Art has probably one of the nicest tasting rooms I have seen yet on my tour. A beautiful and spacious bar area surrounded by stools is the centerpiece of the room. They sell more than just their own merchandise, too. The surrounding walls are packed with Vermont-made food like meats, cheeses, and snacks, as well as carved wood pieces and local gifts. When we sat down, a friendly assistant had us choose which four selections we each wanted to taste, and presented them, along with some oyster crackers, on individual serving platters carved in the shape of Vermont. Here are a couple that stood out to me from the day:

Stump Jumper: Stout with character

Ridge Runner: “Mild barley wine,” smooth and dark, full-bodied yet accessible.

The first time I heard about this brewery was during 2009 when they were entered in a legal dispute with an energy drink company about their Vermonster series of beer. According to the other company, Rock Art shouldn’t have been allowed to use the word “monster” in connection with beer. After the Rock Art owners reached out to their community of fans through social media, the community rallied around them and the matter was resolved. Small breweries and the people who love them really do enjoy an intimate relationship. When you love a product, you also love knowing that the people who produce it are passionate about what they do, and you want to support them so they can keep the beer flowing!

2013-04-13 13.42.51

It was so comfortable to sit around the bar area tasting some great beers surrounded by other people doing the same. If you’d like a relaxing brewery experience where you can also browse for other Vermont products, I highly recommend visiting Rock Art. A little tip for when you make your trip: samples are four for four dollars, but there are usually more than four choices on tap. Go with a group so you get a chance to try everything!

Rock Art
632 Laporte Road/Rt 100
Morrisville, VT

$4 for 4 Samples 


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