Brewery Visit: Bent Hill Brewery

If you think you're driving to the middle of nowhere when heading to Bent Hill Brewery, you're probably heading in the right direction. And if you think you're about to pull into someone's personal driveway, then you know you're in the right spot. On the first day of their soft opening, we urged our heavily... Continue Reading →

Passport Stop #11: Trout River

My only previous experience with Trout River before I visited was as an inexpensive bottled beer special at local bars or in coolers at my friends’ parties in the Northeast Kingdom, and it was always the Rainbow Red. I was excited to make the trek to Lyndonville to see what Trout River was really all about.I thought... Continue Reading →

Passport Stop #10: Switchback

Some people might think that Switchback, like the Alchemist, only makes one kind of beer. Go into any bar or restaurant in Burlington and ask for a Switchback and you’ll always be brought the same thing; Switchback Ale, or what I like to call the Ol’ Standby. It’s my fallback, my ever-present, reliable friend. It’s... Continue Reading →

Passport Stop #9: Rock Art

Rock Art has probably one of the nicest tasting rooms I have seen yet on my tour. A beautiful and spacious bar area surrounded by stools is the centerpiece of the room. They sell more than just their own merchandise, too. The surrounding walls are packed with Vermont-made food like meats, cheeses, and snacks, as... Continue Reading →

Passport Stop #8: Hill Farmstead

It’s a little out of the way, but hundreds of people flock to Hill Farmstead to fill their growlers with what I can only assume they consider the nectar of the gods. On the day we visited, at least two separate groups came in with boxes containing about ten bottles each and they needed all of... Continue Reading →

Passport Stop #7: Zero Gravity

Okay, I’ll admit. I’m really just in it for the pizza. You could get me to go to the American Flatbread Burlington Hearth any time, any day to get some of their incredible pies (Are you paying? Are we leaving right now?). The fact that the Zero Gravity brewery is located right inside is frankly... Continue Reading →

Passport Stop #6: The Alchemist

Glorious hops! That’s what a sign inside the Alchemist viewing area proclaims, and it sets the tone for the entire brewing operation, where hops are practically worshipped. As any good Vermont   beer fan knows, the Alchemist only does one thing, and they do it well; Heady Topper, a double IPA with complex hops flavor out the wazoo and 120 IBUs.... Continue Reading →

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