Passport Stop #11: Trout River

2013-04-13 18.05.44My only previous experience with Trout River before I visited was as an inexpensive bottled beer special at local bars or in coolers at my friends’ parties in the Northeast Kingdom, and it was always the Rainbow Red. I was excited to make the trek to Lyndonville to see what Trout River was really all about.I thought the place had a warm and welcoming vibe. It seemed like the type of place where the whole family would be comfortable. Despite the large size of our group, we were easily accommodated. The area that welcomes visitors is a pizza restaurant–oh yes, my favorite combination strikes again! But let’s get to the drinking first:

Rainbow Red: Trout River’s flagship American-style red ale. A little fruity, but still enough malt character to create a pleasantly balanced brew.

Northern Brown: medium-bodied malt. A good, solid brown and very drinkable. 

The pizza menu is posted on handwritten signs all around the room, including unique specials. If no one in your group gets the Smokin Hot Trout, shame on you–that’s what it’s all about! How often can you get smoked trout on a pizza? One of my friends used to hang out at Trout River when he was in college at Lyndon State, and he told me that the pizza crust is made from brewer’s yeast, and that they only make a limited amount per day, so if you miss it, too bad!

 2013-04-13 18.33.06We ate, drank, and were merry at Trout River. Isn’t that what beer is for?

Trout River Brewing Company
58 Broad Street
Lyndonville, VT 


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