Passport Stop #2: Fiddlehead Brewing Company

2013-01-12_18-42-22_558The next stop on our tour was to check out one of the state’s newest breweries, Fiddlehead. Because they aren’t bottling yet, I had only ever tasted their IPA at a few local bars and hadn’t ever experienced their other offerings. But in the tasting room on Saturday night, head brewer and owner Matty O had three beers on tap that I hadn’t tasted–or expected–from Fiddlehead.

Devil’s Right Hand: Brewed for Fiddlehead’s one year anniversary. Texas Brown Ale dry hopped with Citra hops–unexpectedly fruity and full with subtle sweetness and an impressive 8.3 % ABV.

McAllister: Irish Red, mild and slightly earthy. According to Fiddlehead’s website, the winners of a Vermont homebrew club Irish Red contest had their concoction brewed in large scale and this is it!

Stout: Easy-drinking and lighter feeling than a lot of stouts

2013-01-12_18-40-15_50The bright and inviting tasting room boasts large glass windows behind the bar area that let guests see inside the brewery as they sample. Everyone who walks in the door is treated to a free sample of each of the brews. When we visited, the place was full of locals refilling their growlers, perfectly happy to accept whatever new creation was flowing from the taps even if it wasn’t their original favorite.

One of the best parts of visiting the brewery was the fact that it was attached to Folino’s Pizza. It’s BYOB, so we bought a growler of the Irish Red next door, sat down in front of the open kitchen-style, wood-fired oven, and enjoyed two amazing pies. 2013-01-12_18-10-24_178There can’t possibly be a better combination on this planet than artisan pizza and craft beer. Fiddlehead offers 32 oz. growlettes in addition to their standard growlers! Perfect for grabbing some of your favorite and enjoying it with pizza next door. Folinos’s even provides a freezer full of frosted glasses!

Brewery Tip: Ask for a pickled fiddlehead when you’re getting your samples.

Fiddlehead Brewing Company
6305 Shelburne Road
Shelburne, VT

Free samples
Pizzeria attached


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  1. Loving the blog! I went to Fiddlehead when they were just opening – Folino’s hadn’t even finished building yet – and they only offered a single IPA (which was extremely tasty). I can’t wait to check it out again now that they have more options and excellent pizza next door!

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