15 Thoughts Everyone Has at the Vermont Brewers Festival

Today is Brewfest Day! And to celebrate, here's our list of things that go through every attendee's mind during their session. Do you agree with our list? 1. The excitement you feel when you first see the tents as you’re making your way to the waterfront… 2. …and then realizing how bored you are waiting... Continue Reading →

Seasonal Beer: What does it mean?

In Vermont, you get used to the changing of the seasons. Some people say that we even have a fifth season up here: mud season. Along with the changing weather, we have hunting seasons, fishing seasons, and, perhaps best of all, beer seasons. In spring we get hoppy, medium-bodied ales that give us hope that... Continue Reading →

Passport Stop #1: Magic Hat

I’m not sure how I made it through four years of college in Burlington without visiting the famous Artifactory, but Sunday was my first time stepping through the doors of this wild and wacky world of unique brews. Ian and I arrived just as a guided tour was starting up,  so we picked up our... Continue Reading →

The Adventure Begins!

I never thought I would be a beer drinker.  I’ve always been happy with girly pink drinks and classic cocktails, but beer was never my beverage of choice--until I studied in Dublin, Ireland for a semester. Not to drink beer there would have been a sin, and thinking back to the fresh-from-the-source pints enjoyed at... Continue Reading →

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