The Adventure Begins!

I never thought I would be a beer drinker.  I’ve always been happy with girly pink drinks and classic cocktails, but beer was never my beverage of choice–until I studied in Dublin, Ireland for a semester. Not to drink beer there would have been a sin, and thinking back to the fresh-from-the-source pints enjoyed at local pubs is one of the things I miss most.

So, after touring the world famous Guinness factory and developing a taste for malty, hoppy goodness, I realized I hadn’t explored the world class breweries in my own backyard. Vermont is the state with the highest concentration of craft breweries per capita–we have a brewery for every 26,073 people!

I want to truly take advantage of this unique opportunity, so I am taking on the Vermont Brewers Association’s Vermont Breweries Passport Challenge.  That means visiting 27 breweries and getting a stamp at each one to prove I made the trip.

Me at the 2012 Vermont Brewers Festival

I can’t wait to sample, compare, and savor the unmatched range of incredible beers this state has to offer. Follow me on my quest!


One thought on “The Adventure Begins!

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  1. I wish you to discover great beers. It’s a good idea, to put your trip in this blog. I have already visit some, but I need to go back to discover the new brewery (14th Star, Kingdom, Fiddlhead. Drop-It, Foley Bros, GHB, Lost Nation, Covered Bridge and BackAcre).

    I will follow you to have your opinion on the new one.

    Marc from Montréal :o)

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