Top 5 Vermont Beer Cans to Take to the Beach

It’s finally starting to feel like summer in the green mountains, and what better way to celebrate than by enjoying the sunshine at the park or beach! Since so many of Vermont’s parks and beaches don’t allow glass, we’ve compiled a list of our top 5 Vermont beer cans for summer, so you can enjoy some brew while keeping the state’s outdoor recreation areas safe for everyone.

1. Long Trail Ale Cans

This clean, German-style amber ale pleases almost everyone, so stock your cooler. It’s the perfect cookout beer, porch beer, and whatever beer. Long Trail Ale Can

2. Fiddlehead Hodad Cans

Available periodically in limited quantities, you really have to try to get your hands on this one. Pick up a 4-pack of this chocolate coconut porter if you can. Heh.

Fiddlehead Hodad Cans

3. Harpoon Big Squeeze Cans

New from Harpoon, this thirst-quenching summery shandy is tart and definitely not too sweet, made with grapefruit juice instead of the traditional lemonade.

Harpoon Big Squeeze Can

4. Otter Creek Fresh Slice Cans

Brewmaster Mike Gerhart’s bright, piney white IPA brewed with clementine and coriander for some sunny spice and citrus.

Brewmaster Mike's Fresh Slice

5. Magic Hat Elder Betty Cans

A Magic Hat summer seasonal, this Hefeweizen packs tart elderberries and balances them with bready malts.

Magic Hat Elder Betty

We didn’t include every Vermont beer that comes in cans in our top 5 list, so tell us your favorite beer to bring to the park or the beach! has comprehensive lists of canned craft beer from every state.

R.I.P. Blackbeary Wheat

Alas, our favorite summer beer can is going into hibernation. It’s still available through June in 12-pack cans throughout Vermont, so if this is your summer beer of choice, stock up!

Long Trail Blackbeary Wheat Can


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