Brewery Chic: Decorating Ideas for Beer Lovers

As a beer lover, I’ve gathered a lot of brew-related memorabilia that I want to display. But as a design-conscious female, I don’t necessarily want my beloved craft breweries taking over my apartment. If you want to put your passion for good beer out there for everyone to see, but you or the people you live with aren’t crazy about your bottle collection sprawling over every spare shelf, then check out these decorating ideas for beer lovers. One or two of these ideas used in a house or apartment is a unique and subtle way to show your passion without going overboard.

Beer Bottle Candles

craft Beer Bottle Candles

Here is a great tutorial on how to use glass cutter to get the tops off your bottles and finish the edges. Add some candle wax and a wick and you have some custom DIY functional décor.

Growler Flower Vase

growler vase

Little to no effort turns a growler from your favorite brewery into a unique flower vase. Just rinse well, add your favorite blooms, and display somewhere it will make you happy even if the beer is all gone.

Growler Light Fixtures

growler lights

This one might take a bit more effort. This lady has a brief tutorial on how to turn beer and wine bottles into light fixtures, but a similar effect can also be achieved with your favorite growlers. It’s easy enough with a light kit from a home improvement store. You can also check out the Growler Lamp Company for more ideas.

Bottle Cap Table

bottle cap table

My friend Sam over at Tea and Beer made this stunning bottle cap table after saving caps for a year! She offers a great DIY tutorial on how to make one for yourself. Perfect for a game room, home bar, or as a colorful coffee table to brighten up a room.

Framed Coaster Art

coaster art

Framing anything makes it instantly classier. Arrange your coaster collection into a display that you can enjoy on the wall.

Brewery T-Shirt Quilt

t-shirt quilt

This one is for the sewers (aka, people much more talented than myself).  If you are the type of person who has a shirt from every brewery and beer fest you’ve ever been to but you rarely wear them, why not turn them into a cozy quilt? You can use it as a bead spread or throw it over the back of a couch. Find the basic steps here.

Bottle Cap Backsplash

bottle cap backsplash

Another great way to display all those bottle caps you’ve been saving without really knowing what you’re going to do with them.


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